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Covid-19 - Clinic update

At present we are still open but this is something that will from now on be considered on a daily basis. I know that the clinic will eventually close it's doors temporarily but getting the timing right on this is the key.

Prior to any appointment you have with us you will receive an email with the following screening questions and information:

Following the current advice from the Massage and Myotherapy Association we are now asking all clients the following screening questions:

If you answer YES to any of the following questions please cancel your appointment.  

Do you have a cough ?

Do you have a cold ?

Have you or someone you are in close and regular contact with come off a plane (domestic or international) in the last 14 days ?

Have you come in contact with anyone that you know has Covid-19 ?

Are you currently in close and regular association with someone that is self-quarantined, whether they are known to have Covid-19 or not ?

We want all our clients to be safe.  As well as practicing the usual hygiene protocol we have introduced other measures to ensure we are all as protected as possible

  • We are asking that you switch off  your mobile phone prior to entry and not to touch it again until you leave the clinic

  • Upon entry to the clinic we ask that you go to the sink at the back of the clinic and wash hands thoroughly prior to your treatment

  • In most cases we are now bringing you to the treatment room prior to cleaning down so that you can observe our wipe down and towel/linen change procedures.  If we have had a longer gap between clients , wipe down and linen change will have already been completed, however should you have any questions or suggestions we encourage this.  You are within your rights to decline treatment at ANY time and you will not be charged.

  • Hand sanitiser is available should you need it during treatment


We clean down all surfaces, door handles, computer equipment, chairs etc regularly. ​

If you do not feel comfortable with attending the clinic, we understand and appreciate that even a last minute cancellation may be necessary.  No fees for late cancellations will be charged.


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