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Delve: "To reach inside a receptacle and search for something"

During these classes you will be taken through a movement experience that will incorporate breathwork, fundamental

and developmental movement patterns. Although the movement session is guided, it will be your own inquiry.  The body has the innate ability to provide the answers when we care to listen.  When the nervous system is on alert or the body has experienced disruption of it's equilibrium from surgery, accident, illness, or emotional challenge it serves us well to go back to our beginnings and re-integrate developmental movements so that the nervous system can have all the baseline resources it needs to cope and heal.


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Christie has been working on incorporating developmental movement patterns within movement meditations for the last couple of years, since completed post-graduate training in Advanced Clinical Somatic and Dance Movement Therapy.
She has a keen interest in Continuum Movement, Somatic Movement and Pandiculation Exercises and also incorporates some Slings Myofascial Training into her repertoire

With the Poly Vagal Theory of social engagement and the hierarchy of nervous system evolution in mind, now more than ever we need to learn how to listen to our body cue's and subtle messaging.