I invite you and encourage you to invite your friends - near and far, to join me in a regular 'Delve' movement session online.  I will be offering these sessions at the following times:

Theme 1
Tuesday 6 am and 5.15 pm

Wednesday 10 am 

Theme 2

Thursday 6 am, and 4 pm 
Friday 9 am

(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia time - click here for time conversion). Each session will last for approximately 75 minutes

The theme of which movement patterns we will explore will be the same on the Tuesday and Wednesday (Theme 1 days) and then there will be a theme change on the Thursday when we will explore a different movement pattern during Thursday's and Friday's sessions (Theme 2 days). 


Why should you do this?

  • By committing to and joining this class online you are more likely to maintain a regular practice and you will feel the benefits of this as you do each session and begin to note the ease in your stress levels

  • Your nervous system will thank you for this

  • You need to stay healthy for yourself and your loved ones and good mental / nervous system health is a huge component of this

  • You may learn something or have new clarity - about yourself, about others, about life!

  • It feels great to do!

  • It is convenient – from the comfort of your own surroundings, no travel, no close contact.


What is the fee and how can you pay?

  • The fee is AUD $20 per week (three session per theme, two themes per week). You are welcome to join us for as many sessions as you like for the week. Secure your place by registering  now.  Click here for registration. 

  • The most economical method of payment within Australia for both you and I is by bank transfer. Please email me for my bank details.  For those attending from overseas an economical and easy way to transfer is by TransferWise (https://transferwise.com/)  or you can pay using PayPal - please add an extra $2 if paying by PayPal (total AUD $22 for the week).


What you will need:


  • An internet connection

  • A device with a reasonable size screen (a tablet, laptop, computer or the ability to cast or get the internet on your T.V.) with audio and camera. A phone may be adequate if the screen is of a good size.

  • You will need to have downloaded Zoom to the device so that you can connect to the session

  • Not absolutely necessary but helpful would be for you to have an ad free Spotify account

  • Space – where you will not be disturbed and where you will have enough room to stretch your arms out in a ‘T’ shape to your sides plus a little more, in either a lying or seated position.  

  • Time – please have your technology charged and ready to go for the start time

  • A caffeine free body. Please, if you want to get the best out of your session, no caffeine prior to it that morning or for a few hours before if you are attending later in the day or from a different time zone.

Please email or call if you have questions

To register for sessions week commencing 12th April click here