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Bowen Blitz Days – take a gamble or bring a friend and get a $3 per person discount

Bowen Blitz Days are days when you will receive a discount when I see more than one client at the same time for Bowen Therapy.  When seeing two individuals at the same time both treatment costs will be discounted by $3


When making an appointment you will need to let me know that:

  1. You are happy to have a Bowen only treatment and you understand that you cannot change your mind on the day unless you are the only person being treated

  2. You are happy to have someone else being treated at the same time as you (in a different room of course)

  3. You understand that if your condition is complicated you will need to let me know prior to the appointment so that I can give you an individual appointment if necessary – at which time the discount will not be applicable.


This discount is only available to people who have already had a treatment with me before.  Only one discount can be applied at any one time, so if your treatment is discounted for any other reason this offer is not available. The discount will be applied to both parties receiving a treatment at the same time.  The best way to guarantee this is to double up with a friend/relative/partner and have your treatments at the same time.  If you leave it to chance and the other appointment is filled you will receive the discount, however if the appointment is not filled you will need to pay the full fee of $65.


Bowen blitz days are only available on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday

With Christie only

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