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Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Structural Integration & Somatic Movement Therapy

On the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland


Tel 0459 547681

Release, Realign, Recover & Discover


In brief:  SB uses direct myofascial release as its application method.  A certified KMI structural bodyworker has been trained to read and detail your structure so that an individual session can be planned. The therapist will target areas that have been held in an elongated or shortened pattern, thereby giving space for the system to function at a more optimum level.  To learn more about this method click here


In brief: Bowen Therapy uses small, light moves over the skin to balance the body and assist with common muscular-skeletal dysfunction.

To learn more about Bowen Therapy click here


Remedial massage is used to treat both chronic and acute muscular-skeletal dysfunction by applying oil to the skin and manipulating the soft tissue, with the intention of relieving sore and tender areas.  Often used to maintain good health and keep the tissues hydrated and supple.


In brief:  

S.I. is a method of body work that is ideally suited to addressing chronic health issues that are held or brought about by poor alignment and movement. Chronic pain and compromised movement is often a result of dysfunctional and bound connective tissue. 

The aim of a series of S.I. treatments is to create more space and better organization of the tissues to allow free and painless movement

To read more about S.I. click here

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In brief: Bowen Therapy uses small, light moves over the skin to balance the body and assist with common muscular-skeletal dysfunction.

To learn more about Bowen Therapy click here


Dance Movement Therapy is the therapeutic use of expressive movement to further the physical, emotional, cognitive,and social functioning of a person. Dance movement therapists combine the elements of dance, movement systems, creative processes, and psychological and scientific theories, to address the specific needs of groups and individuals.  Working within the somatic field means the therapist educates a person to sense their internal physical perception and experience, which can be the start of change within the nervous system. Christie uses Hanna Somatic routines and various movement experientials to assist a person to overcome emotional difficulties such as anxiety, and to assist with pain management.  

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Christie Tonks-Trowers

Remedial Massage, Bowen Therapy, Structural Integration, Somatic Education & Dance Movement Therapy incorporating Slings Myofascial Training

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Tel: 0459547681
Available Tuesday to Thursday & some Friday's

Christie has been practicing remedial massage since 1994. She is a certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner, and Bowtech trained Bowen Therapist. Christie has trained under some of the best educators in the industry.  She is passionate about helping people out of chronic pain. As well as running the clinic she is the FNQ ambassador for one of the largest massage associations in Australia (Massage & Myotherapy Australia). She also enjoys running short massage courses for those that want to use this wonderful gift on their loved ones. Christie is registered as provider with all the major health funds under remedial massage therapy. 





"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."

 Lao Tzu  

Meet The Therapist


25 Pink Street

4883, QLD

Tel: 0459 547 681


Opening Hours:

Monday Closed 

Tuesday 9.30 to 5pm
Wednesday 9.30 to 5pm
Thursday 9.30 to 5pm
Friday 9.30 to 12.30pm

Saturday/Sunday - Closed

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